I have always dreaded winter because it is a several month stretch of snow, bitter cold, and after Christmas, very little to look forward to. There really isn’t anything exciting happening until the spring, so January, February, and March tend to drag a little. Unless you’re anxiously awaiting the birth of a niece, or have a tropical vacation planned, winter is long. Typically, during the warmer months, I have every weekend planned and I do a lot of traveling, mostly to spend time with friends and family. But right now, I’m looking at an infinite number of open weekends. So, in the manner of looking at the positive, I am now looking at winter as a several month period where my calorie counting and workout schedule won’t be interrupted.

Because really, isn’t that the worst? When you start on a really good schedule of going to the gym and eating healthy foods, and then all of a sudden you have a big holiday weekend where you’re out of town eat, or god forbid, you’re entering the holiday SEASON, and there is no end of decadent desserts to distract you from your goals? So here we are! Blessed with months to get back into shape (while hiding behind sweaters) until the weather gets warm.

Since last week, Jeff and I have become gym rats. We went almost every day, including both weekend days, not because we felt like we had to, but because we really wanted to. Working out has become a really fun part of our routine. We are trying to keep a balance, and making sure we take our rest days every now and then, but we are having such a great time! In the past week I have already seen progress toward my own fitness goals. Trying to get back into running, I had to spend a couple days on the treadmill alternating running and walking intervals, but by Sunday, I ran two miles without pain in the foot formerly known as my broken foot, and without walking! I knew it would be easier to get back into this time around, because I’m not starting from absolute scratch, but I didn’t expect this! It’s really exciting to start to see progress, it’s just another thing that helps pick you up when you are about to fall off the wagon.

We’ve also been eating a lot better, planning our meals in advance, incorporating lots of healthy snacks, and have dramatically cut back on the yummy beverages. Although, like I said before, balance is key, and sometimes (if it’s your boyfriend’s birthday), you have to let yourself eat a piece of the cheesecake you made him.

With my new goals and plans in place, winter is starting to look a little bit brighter, and a lot shorter! We only have two and a half months to get into spring shape! Better get moving!

And a very Happy Birthday to Jeff (Heff!)