Well, we are at about that time of year where I quickly begin to hate everything that has to do with winter. The snow has piled on each and every day, with no end in sight. And with another 10 inches forecasted for the weekend, I am throwing in the towel.

Fortunately Audrey seems to enjoy it at least, but she might be the only one.

Pardon my nose! I couldn't figure out how to edit out the sound

The funny thing about Buffalo is we have the capability of dealing with a ton of snow . . . but often times we simply choose not to. The street I live on was featured on our local news as one of the least plowed streets in the city, which is evident by the number of cars I have had to help push out since we started living here.

I suppose the silver-lining is that I can easily ski right down the middle of the street completely free of worry about the asphalt beneath.

Anyways, hopefully you all have a less-snowy weekend!