It's really hard to imagine that spring will ever be here, especially if you live in the snowy Northeast. Here, in the Midwest, we have little snow to speak of, and last weekend we experienced two nice days of temperatures nearing 40! Slightly warmer weather provides a glimmer of hope that this winter might eventually give in and let the flowers come up. And when that happens, as we all know it will, we will take off our bulky sweaters and think oh my god, what have I done to myself, why wasn't I using the winter to get bikini-ready? In the winter, with little motivation to do anything, we have fewer activities and obligations than in the warmer months, so why is it still so hard to make time for exercise?


I think one of the best things I did earlier this winter was register for a half-marathon in May. Even though Memorial Day still quite a ways off, it will be here before I know it, so I have been working my butt off since January 1st. It's really easy to make excuses during the winter, and all year long really, but taking that step and making a commitment to yourself is a great way to keep on hauling through the colder months. Don't wait until spring to realize you've packed on holiday weight or your shorts don't fit. Just get moving now, you'll be happier and healthier when April rolls around and all you want to do is take off your jacket and run around in circles.

Think Spring

                            Think Spring!