I stumbled across an article today on the great interwebs that talks about a Puerto Rican proposal to levy a fine against parents of obese children.

That's right, a financial penalty for having tubby children. I am not quit sure how I feel about this. Part of me thinks it is a great idea to keep parents accountable for what they feed their kids and encouraging and active lifestyle. The other, more practical side of me thinks that weight management is an incredibly complex issue, and physical and emotional fitness isn't just about the size of your waist line.

I believe the general argument supporting this proposal is that parents directly control the type of food, and the quantity of food a child consumes. In addition, they typically control how much screen time as well as physical activity time.

What do you guys think? I personally think this goes a bit too far, especially if their isn't a proper, freely available support structure that can help kids get on the right path. I also think it has the potential for some negative repercussions directed to overweight kids in general.