Today is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, a day of excess. I took on the responsibility in our house to literally consume everything horrible for me so that the next 40 days can be completely focused on clean eating and being healthy. One would argue I could have just thrown stuff out, but nay I say. All that delicious candy from valentines day must be consumed, or I could be accused of not loving Ellie's gifts.

After bingeing all weekend (and the holiday to boot), I am so ready for a lenten-cleanse to begin. With the help of my work accountability partner, I compiled a list of the things I am giving up. Naturally, the top of my list starts like this:

  1. BAGELS - For those of you who don't know me, I have issues with Bagels.
  2. Tim Hortons / Dunkin Donuts - I have gotten into a bad habit of stopping for a morning coffee, and bagel. This is something I can easily avoid, and need to.
  3. Candy / Excess Sugar - My wife is an absolute candy-holic. She has the biggest sweet tooth in the world, so we always have some sort of candy in the house.


Considering these are my major vices, it isn't all that bad. Despite brewing and having beer on tap at home, I really don't drink beer all that often. I rarely drink wine or liquor, so those are also non issues. If I can get a handle on the three things above, I should make it out of lent with a slimmer waste-line and feel a bit better.

Lent doesn't have to only be about sacrifice (though I think that's what religion encourages). I think it is also a great time to try to be better and get back on track in a positive way. I've got a little over a month to go before half marathon training starts, and I am nowhere near in shape for the week 1 requirements. My goal is to get to week 1 fitness.

Is anyone else giving up or trying to do something for lent? I know my Dad is going to give up cookies, candy, and cookies with candy. Who else is taking part?