As I was sifting through the onslaught of junk mail that I receive as a result of being part of a large NYS union, I came across something labeled, "NYS Standard Gym Benefit Reimbursement." After nearly shredding it to pieces along with everything else, I actually read it. I am glad that I did! Apparently I am eligible for up to $600 a year in gym membership reimbursements, as part of a campaign to make people more active.

The cache? I actually have to go to the gym, and document it. In a 6 month period, Ellie and I both need to log 50 trips to the gym in that same period. That isn't too bad, if we were actively training and working out. Especially if we start in March as we gear up to train for our half marathon in May. With the way the weather has been going, I'm not confident we will be able to run outdoors without arctic temperatures until then anyway.

That is a lot of lines to fill.

That is a lot of lines to fill.

There is no real reason not to take advantage of this offer, so we are totally going to make it happen.

I love initiatives like this by insurance companies. Though it is sad that they have to bait people into good health, that little extra motivation is quite nice for those of us on the cusp of being active anyway.

I know not everyone's insurance plan probably has benefits like this, and I am blessed to be part of the NYS system. However, if you aren't positive what your individual plan offers, , it is probably worth a phone call to your insurance company.  More and more programs like this our popping up, as insurance companies are looking to improve the health of their insured. Who knows, maybe you can find a similar program!