Like most athletic endeavors that are professionally played, their is often a right and wrong way to execute the sports most basic mechanics. For runners, it could be learning how to keep your upper body still, for soccer players how to pass with the inside of your foot, and for hockey players learning how to skate properly. Executing the basic mechanics makes a world of difference.

I knew that I wasn't a strong ice skater, though I can get up and pooh_tigiceskatedown the ice both forwards and backwards (within reason). But really, there was no power behind what I did. I was mostly trying to not fall down and break myself.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of skating with a friend of mine who grew up playing hockey and was clearly taught the proper way of doing it. The amount of power and speed he could generate compared to what I was doing was laughable. He quickly identified places I could improve, like keeping my knees much more bent, and staying bent to avoid losing energy by moving upward.

Little tips like this, especially in a super positive and constructive environment is absolutely awesome. I love learning from the best, and by putting any ego aside and just listening and learning, I am excited about the room to grow my skills.