We saw the sun yesterday, and it was absolutely glorious.

20150309_150406We decided to take advantage of the near-40 degree weather and took the dog out on a walk. Audrey has been seriously gipped of good exercise this winter due to the unrelenting cold, so she absolutely had a blast getting out and exploring. We still have pretty serious snowbanks, so most of the sidewalks are completely impassable, but finely we can see most of the pavement in the streets.

It was also nice for me to get a little bit of a walk in. On Friday I had 20150227_152308my wisdom teeth out, so all weekend long I have been either asleep, or plopped in front of the computer with frozen peas and carrots plastered to my face. Despite quality World of Warcraft time, I needed some fresh air.

Ellie has done a great job taking care of me, and somehow despite not being able to eat whole foods, I managed to gain a couple of pounds. It is probably the eight boxes of jello I've eaten, or the avocado chocolate mouse, or peanut butter cream, or finely diced grilled cheese . . . #OutOfControl

The blast of warmish air got me super excited though for the spring. The Buffalo Half is dead in our sights now, and we got some serious work to do.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.29.40 PM