We've talked about music as a source of inspiration during workouts many times on this blog over the past few years, and yet I still find myself constantly overhauling my track lineup.

The individualistic nature of music makes it hard to make recommendations. While I perform best to Britney Spears - Work B**ch, others might not. How people don't run PR's to that song every time it plays is beyond me. But whatever.

I've come to the realization that a set playlist is not the solution. I think music has to be more organic. It has to match your mood, your goals, your attitude. If I've learned nothing from this whole blog, all runs are NOT created equal, so one playlist to rule them all could never work.

The key is flexibility. 

Sometimes Ke$ha and Meghan Trainor are going to be the solution. If you are crazy like my Dad, some Italian music is his goto. Whatever inspires you, don't be afraid to change it up or go without it. Be flexible. I think you will see that it will make music all the more powerful when you need it most.