On Saturday we officially wrapped up our fourth week of half marathon training with a fairly successful eight mile run. I would be lying to say it felt great physically, but mentally it was a major step forward.

I've been dealing with a respiratory disaster in the form of a pretty severe chest cold for over a week, which affected both of our seven mile and eight mile runs. On top of that, I missed most of the weekday training runs in an effort to recuperate a little bit, which has left me frustrated and feeling completely unprepared for the longer distances. But, with the power of teamwork, we were able to get the distance down for the long runs in a not-overly-embarrassing way.

Here are the four week stats:

  • Four Week Mile Total: 40 miles
  • Longest Run : 8 miles
  • Fastest Mile : 9:42
  • Fastest Pace: 10:15 ( 4 mile run )

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.27.41 AM