When making travel arrangements, I like to play Priceline roulette. By naming my own price, I save a lot of money, but it is always an adventure to see where I end up. This time around, I have a lovely hotel right on Boston harbor!


What a lovely setting to spend a few days! However, like most priceline rooms that I've gotten, it comes with a catch . . . my room has a different view.

20150421_140710Luckily, The hotel supplied me with everything I need.

20150421_140725Score, free earplugs. Hopefully they aren't needed.20150421_151602

For those who know me, I am not a big fan of boats . . . the fastest way from my hotel to the conference? Boat.

I decided that I would risk severe nauseua and throw caution to the blustery harbor wind.

I survived, though it did take me about 10 minutes of mulling about outside the conference before I felt good enough to go in and register. Maybe by the end of the week I will find my sea-legs, because I have at least 5 more boat rides to go!