Pardon our radio silence the past several days! The 2FatNerds family celebrated the marriage of Mike and Suz (Eat Fit Not Fat contributors) over the weekend in lovely St. Johnsbury Vermont!


The location was absolutely picturesque, tucked in to the mountain foothills at the Alerin Barn. Though a bit of a drive up, it was every bit worth the trip and I can not imagine a better place that fit the two of them more.


The 2FNS Crew (Jono, Ellie, Adrienne, Jeff)

The wedding itself went off without a hitch, complete with a vow to hate Tom Brady for all eternity. #Buffalove.

With that, thank you all for putting up with the lack of posts, and wish Mike and Suz a happy marriage and awesome honeymoon!


Mike and Suz with the official marriage form!