As some of you may have noticed, we have a new look and feel this morning! For a while now I have felt that the blog could use a little bit of a refresh, starting with its layout. I've settled on using the Avada theme, which is feature rich and responsive. Hopefully it will look clean and crisp on any device, not to mention being a hell of a lot easier to make any updates in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.19.33 AMThe major news is that we have moved off Though I have loved being hosted at for the past few years, it was limiting my ability to integrate the tracking system and blog together. I was up-keeping two separate systems, which grew tiresome and hard to unify. Over the next month I will fully integrate the two systems, and allow for one login for both. This should give added security overall, and make it more seamless when submitting workouts and leaving comments on the blog.

Also importantly, I will be going through the Eat Fit Not Fat archives and putting them all into recipe cards! This will hopefully make it tremendously easier to find, print, make, and enjoy all of the recipes Suz and Mike have created and made available to us. 

Lastly, I did move the blog to a brand new server, so there may be bugs cropping up. As always, leave a comment or post to the Facebook group so I can get everything working! The more you guys test on the various devices, the better it will work!