Yesterday I was encouraged to participate in my first roller-hockey skate and shoot. This was a rather daunting proposition, as I have rarely roller-skated in the past ten years. Truthfully the last time I really roller-bladed was when I broke my elbow while talking to my dad in the driveway. Pretty... fail. 

But, it was time to put to use the new hockey equipment I have been piecing together. With a couple loaner items from a veteran player, I was all set to hit the sport-court. It was a great introduction to roller hockey, being that there was only five of us total on the rink. That gave me plenty of time to find my footing, and get used to passing the roller-style puck.

It was a ton of fun, playing with co-workers, interns and boss. We all had varying levels of skill, so it was a perfect low-pressure setting that I was looking for in order to get my feet wet. Literally. It was boiling in there, easily 90 degrees. I was dripping from head to toe by the time we wrapped up 50 minutes of skating. 

I am looking forward to getting more and more into the sport, even if just for pick-up games or skate and shoots. The idea of joining a league is getting more and more intriguing, which is something I never thought I'd want to do. We will see!