Making the rounds on the internet today is a story of a guy in California who has eaten Chipotle every day for 153 days in a row. That is a lot of burritos. Is it bad that I am slightly jealous of his diet? I mean, that just sounds delicious. My favorite thing though is on his blog, he lets random users ask him questions, to which he responds:

Anonymous asked: What's the end goal here? Will you go on dates to Chipotle? What do your parents think of this?

The goal is to eat Chipotle once per day for as long as I can. That’s it.

I’ve already gone on several dates to Chipotle. NY Mag says it’s acceptable, and Clover determined it’s the 2nd most popular on-demand date spot, so I’m definitely not alone.

As for my parents, I just asked them.

Mom: “I admire you and I applaud you for your commitment to it. I agree that Chipotle has healthy food, so it’s not really an issue. If it were something like McDonald’s every day, then maybe I would try talking you out of it.” 

Dad: “Their stock went down 35 points yesterday.* You’re going overboard.”

* I should note that ‘yesterday’ was both the day I announced Chipotlife as well as the day Chipotle announced slightly lower-than-expected Q1 growth. Which is a funny coincidence in my opinion, but not so funny for $CMG. I have faith they’ll bounce back soon though ♥

I admire the effort, and look forward to see how long it will continue for.