Over the weekend my parents hiked a little bit of the Appalachian trail as a way to get out into the fresh air and enjoy a beautiful day.  The Appalachian trail runs from Northern Georgia to Northern Maine, and was recently conquered by ultra marathoner and extreme athlete Scott Jurek, who set a new record for fastest assisted transit.


- Runners World - Dan Fuehrer

Jurek's trek is a tremendous display of human endurance, partnered with a bit of crazy. While talking about the trail, a question was asked, "How Many AFP would Scott have gotten if he submitted his workout to 2FNS?" That was an interesting question, that I had to know the answer to.

Some math:

Total time: 46 days + 8 hours + 7 minutes = 1112 hours and 7 minutes.
Total Distance: 2189 miles
Average Pace: 30 minutes , 29 seconds per mile
MET Equivalency: 6 MET
AFP = 
[MET SCORE] * DURATION in minutes / 10 AFP = (6 * 66727) / 10  AFP = 40036.2 AFP

I think that is incredible to think about. We typically look for a bare minimum of 100 AFP a week, which means he worked out more in 46 days then we would in 7.7 years.  I'm not sure how accurate my system is when it comes to calorie calculations, but he apparently burned ~600k calories. Is that even possible??

Kudos to him on his record breaking run, and for the rest of us, it just shows that you can accomplish some amazing things if you work at it.