After consuming two donuts and a handful of timbits today, it was painfully clear to me that it was time for a run. We had planned on going to the gym this evening, but because it was such a beautiful night, we decided to fish out our running shoes from the dark depths of our closet.

Getting over the initial shock of moving my limbs in some sort of athletic movement took some time. We started by running up a rare "hill" in Buffalo -- which is less than a 30ft climb over about a mile, but it felt brutal. Everything felt very forced, like I was throwing myself through each step. It was not fluid, and not very fun.

Towards the end of the last mile, we bumped into a friend of mine from work. It was about that point in the run where I was about ready to be done. But it turned out to be helpful. Somehow stopping to chat briefly filled me with enough energy to finish strong. For some reason I feel good knowing that other people see Ellie and I out running. It feels like I am actually meeting expectations for someone who runs a fitness blog.

I missed going outside for runs. Being on a treadmill doesn't come anywhere close to running down the streets, passing by the restaurants and shops along Elmwood, and bumping into friends unexpectedly. We will have to reestablish this habit.