Making resolutions to change never works. Especially ones that typically go like, "On September 1st I am going to go to the gym, eat healthy, and lose all the extra pounds." Statistics about resolutions (i.e New Year's) suggest up to 92% failure rate, which doesn't bode well for anyone looking to make a change.

So, how do you actually get going? I's actually kind of simple. It's called, giving a shit. Make an effort, stop being lazy and don't make excuses. I've been way to lazy. Way to lazy with my food choices, way to lazy with working out consistently, and way to lazy with post exercise stretching and roll-outs. The only way to actually hit your goals is to try. I have not been trying.

A professor once told me to avoid spinning wheels. He was talking about senselessly changing code until it works, but it applies to everything you do. What he suggested was to take a step back, identify the actual issue, trace the error to its origin and fix only what is necessary. Bagels aren't my issue, inactivity is my issue.

September is going to be about trying, and making good decisions. If 64% of people can maintain a resolution for  a month, so can I.