First and foremost, Happy Birthday to Ellie!

Over the weekend Ellie and I met up with Erika at the first annual Buffalo Fitness Festival at Riverworks. It was an all day showcase featuring different gyms, exercise clubs, and crossfit competitions. We recently signed up for our first month of sessions with a personal trainer, in an effort to build a better base for running.

Mustache Fitness and Barbell was holding a squat competition, the winner receiving a six month membership to the gym. I knew I could not possibly win, but I was coaxed into taking part (admittedly I did 95 lbs squats which was the women's minimum for the competition, which was way more than I thought I could do). The competition was to do as many squats in 60 seconds, of which I was able to do ~21. Not horrible, not good, but at least I did it.

My quads have never hurt so bad. Muscles that I have neglected for years were suddenly forced into action, and have been protesting rather loudly ever since. My first official personal training session is scheduled for tonight, and although I am sore from this weekend, I am looking forward to it. The structure and external motivation should certainly help me move forward and turn my current weight trend around.