Ellie and I wrapped up our first week of personal training sessions on Saturday, and boy oh boy was it eye-opening.

We joined up with Mustache Fitness and Barebell, based on numerous recommendations, and after seeing how much Erika has kicked ass with him, we thought it would be a good fit. His focus is on strength building, with a speciality in Olympic style lifting. Our focus is primarily strength training for running, and overall fitness. The end goal being faster race times, and the eventual marathon.

First things first. This is a gym, barbell club, a strength and conditioning facility. This isn't the facility where Johnny and Sally are texting their whole workouts. - Mustache Fitness and Barbell

Week one was all about assessment. It was immediately apparent how poor my hips are, as well as my back and core strength. I have a serious amount of work to do to retrain my muscles to work in ways they should have no problem doing. We also have put an intense amount of emphasis on proper form, which I appreciate because I'd rather avoid time-sinking injuries that can be avoided. This was made abundantly clear when I spent most of my session today working on my squat form, and after probably 35 minutes of squatting we took a video to help me see what I am doing wrong. Honestly, I can barely tell a difference between the right and wrong, which makes me appreciate having a trained expert guiding me along. 

Working on Squatting (40lbs + bar)


One of the more surprising aspects of training though is how my diet has drastically shifted, even without direct guidance. I have found myself unwilling to eat crappy foods because I do not want to undo the hard 7am workouts. I also know that I am scheduled to workout pretty frequently, and with my volatile innards, I don't want to risk it.

So, within one week, we've gone out for runs, hit our training sessions, and gotten our eating in check. Apparently putting money on the table was the motivation I needed to get going. We know where we want to be, and this week let us know just how far off we are from it.