So, it came to my attention this morning (thanks Adrienne for being on point) that 2 Fat Nerds turns four years old today. I feel like in blog lifespans, that is basically an eternity. We've come pretty far in four years, from me rambling about vibram five fingers, to building a sort-of functional tracking system and posts about any random thing on the internet I find interesting. We've gone through three major theme changes, several iterations of the tracking system, two server migrations, and so many races between all of us that I've completely fell behind on updating our Race Results page (sorry about that!). 

Some Quick Stats

  • 51,538 Visitors

  • 131,359  Lifetime Views

  • 940 Posts

  • 426,771 Anti-Fat Points Earned

  • 35,272 Miles Travelled.  (More than once around the earth!!)

Most Popular Post

By far, and I mean by orders of magnitude, the most popular post to date has been Eat Fit Not Fat - Spaghetti Squash Primavera with an insane 8903 views. 

Lessons From Year 3

I learned a valuable lesson in year three. Fitness is a lifelong pursuit. Since last September, I gained back 15 lbs that I worked so hard to get rid of.  It was from lack of discipline with food, it was from drinking too much beer, and simply just not making enough of an effort. Even though I realized I was back sliding, I accepted it and didn't fight through to stay where I wanted to be. I learned a valuable lesson:

It is far easier to gain weight, than it is to lose weight.

Everyone knows this as fact, but until you live it, it is hard to describe just how frustrating it is. Don't back slide, it isn't worth the heartache and frustration. Shut down bad behaviors before they become habit.

 Thank You

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for sticking with me in year three, which I would argue was the hardest year so far. I have been astronomically busier at work, and I know the post frequency and quality has decreased a bit. I want to make year four an awesome come back year, and I would love to have your continued support. 

Thank you to Mike and Suz for EFNF posts, as I think everyone can agree they are the most popular segments on the blog. Everything that we have cooked from your recipes has been phenomenal. 

Thank you to Adrienne who has stepped up and written posts this year to help alleviate some of my business. I know you are working your butt off to get to where you want to be, keep it up!

Thank you to Mom and Dad, Susie, Dave, Brooks and Pat -- and every other dedicated member of 2FNS, who really have been the only reason I have kept this blog going during some of my more busy and frustrated times in year three. I thought a couple of times about how it wasn't worth it, but I kept coming back to the people who do check in every day. I want to continue to improve what we are doing here, and continue focusing on the health of my friends and family.

And finally, thank you to Ellie, who I often struggle to appropriately put into words just how much I love. She has to listen to every idea, frustration, concern, complaint and dream I have for this blog. She has been incredibly patient with all of my endeavors, and I owe all of my success to her.