My hips have been the source of most of my trouble during the first month of personal training. Foam rolling, deep tissue massage, sitting on softballs, and diligently stretching every day has proved to be helpful, but it is no fix for the glaring source of my issues. Sitting all day at work. No amount of rehab will really fix my issues if I don't make the necessary life style changes. So, I looked for the cheapest standing desk solution to my problems.

Enter the Ikea DIY Standing Desk Hack. For less than 25 bucks, I was able to get all of the necessary parts for a basic standing desk. A week later, It arrived in a rather large box ready for self-assembly. After delaying for a few days, I finally put it together last night while watching football, and this morning I carted my hacked solution from the parking lot, much to the amusement of our receptionist.

 I taped the keyboard brackets on and loosely attached the keyboard tray so that I could quickly adjust the height of the shelf. I need to figure out the optimal alignment, which I figure will take a day or two to figure out.

After about 5 hours of work I must admit my legs are feeling a little tired, and I have switched to my laptop and sat down for about two hours . . . but otherwise I love it. I'll post next monday with a week in review, let's see if I am equally as enthusiastic about standing all day.