On Weigh-In Wednesday, I posted a sub-200 pound weight for the first time since December 3rd, 2014. For all of 2014, and the first 8 months of 2015, I had steadily gained weight, creeping up very close to the 210lb range, a place I swore I would never return to.

A pound here, a pound there, one extra-fun beer drinking night with friends, or a string of dinner dates with Ellie, It was too easy to cancel working out in order to be more social. In response to the added weight, I would constantly set new "maximum" weights that I wouldn't go past. I told myself I would never go past 190, then 195. Gaining more than 200 was simply out of the question, but that came and went. As the pounds piled on, so to did my frustration. We couldn't find any consistency, and it was exhausting.

By August, Ellie began talking more and more about getting back on track. I could she was truly unhappy of being inactive and feeling lethargic. We had to make a change, because not only were we driving each other crazy from too much pent-up energy, we also both felt like crap. She had wanted to do personal training for months, to strength train and get stronger overall, but we hadn't acted on it for whatever reason. 

By the end of August, we  finally had enough, and pulled the trigger. We got in with the trainer we had heard and seen do amazing things for good friends of ours, and we have had no regrets thus far. Each and every session, and every painful foam rolling second, I am so thankful we have gotten back in on the game.

Since my first go-around with weight-loss, I've been extremely interested in identifying that point in someones weight loss journey where they have simply had enough, and start to actually make an effort to fix their situation. For some people, it is due to health concerns, others to lure a pretty girl or guy (aka Jono 2007). Whatever the reason maybe, as for everyone it is unique, everyone has that moment where they have had enough. I'm glad we had that moment, and decided to push back before we gained more, regretted more, and had more to fight and earn back.

These first 9 pounds have been a ton of effort and self-control, and I know it is going to keep getting more difficult. But, it is worth it.