Long time no see! Although I had no intention of going dark last week, it turned out that way. Apparently Christmas snuck up on us, despite starting our shopping in November.

Through all of the craziness, I am happy to report that we haven't missed our training sessions with Carley! Admittedly we haven't exactly done our homework sessions, but we are at least getting the good hard workouts in with him.

It is a bit cliché, but I am honestly looking forward to the New Year to start fresh and get fully back on board. Ellie bought me a workout planner for Christmas, and I'm looking forward to scheduling my workout life a little bit tighter. Especially with running season quickly approaching (a bit over 20 weeks out until our targeted Half Marathon), we need to make a concerted effort in getting organized.

I am thinking a good old 2FNS Challenge is going to be in order for the New Year...!