Before I get into the final results, I have a funny story to tell. Yesterday I calculated the distance totals for the January Challenge, to see who hit the mark and who was close. I knew Ellie and I were way off our mark, and feeling guilty about not meeting my own challenge was pretty embarrassing. 

After seeing the numbers, Ellie and I were over eleven miles away from the 31 mile mark. We did have a scheduled 6 mile run in our training program, which would get us half of the way there, but that still left a significant amount to go. While we sat on the couch yesterday, after I had already gone to the gym for a crushing leg-day workout, we made the decision to go for it. We would complete the challenge. We ran from our house down to Canalside, which is about an 8 mile trip. That knocked out our 6 mile run, and 2 additional miles of walking home. After that, we made the decision to walk to dinner, which turned into the last four  miles we needed. In total, 12.5 miles in a day.

I tell you this tale, not to say how bad ass we are, but to point out that waiting to the last week of working out, much like waiting till summer to get into beach-body shape isn't a good idea. The longer you wait, and push it off, the easier it is to fail. Or, if you don't fail, it hurts like hell the next day after clearly over-working your body. For February, let's try to stay focused all month!

With that, the January Results!


A major congratulations to Tommy, who absolutely dominated this month's training block. He is the most recent addition to 2FNS, and is currently working on training for his very first Half-Marathon. Awesome job buddy!

Look for the February Challenge tomorrow!