Every 6 to 8 weeks at Mustache Fitness and Barbell we are pushed to our one rep maximum. This serves as a measurement of progress for each training cycle. To say the past 8 weeks has gone well for Ellie and I would be a bit of an exaggeration. With chronic unshakeable chest, nose and throat congestion for literally the past two months . . . consistency in our training hasn't exactly been on point.

I was nervous going into max week because I knew we hadn't been able to put in 100% to getting stronger. I want to see results and put in the energy, but falling short of that goal and then confirming it via lack of progress just increases my frustration. 


  • Bench Press: 105 lbs-> 120lbs -> 125lbs (PR)
  • Deadlift : 198 lbs (hexbar) -> 232 (true deadlift)(PR)
  • Box Squats : 175 lbs -> 193 lbs (PR)
  • Mile Time : 7:01 -> ??
  • Plank: 2:06 -> ??
  • Push Up: 20 -> ??
  • 500m Row: 1:46 ->??
  • Wall sit : 1:06 -> ?? 


Bench press didn't go as well as I thought. I failed on a 130lb attempt because I did not position the bar correctly when I was bringing it down towards me. I honestly believe I could hit the weight if I mentally prepared better for that rep.

Deadlift went better than expected, having been the first time I've done a true deadlift without pain in my hips. That is major progress!

Squats are still frustrating me, as I am still doing box-squats instead of a true squat. I did set a new PR, and will update the numbers as soon as I find them. 

I will complete the rest of my tests over the course of the next day or two... we have been slacking a little! I'll update this post with the numbers once I get them all.