We started a new challenge in February to run the days of the month. Last night as I finished up the last four miles I needed, making for a total of eleven miles in two days, I thought about how much I actually liked this challenge. It pushed me out the door into a rather miserably windy and cold night to run, just so I could have a green bar on the stupid plot. That is a major success in my book. One that I want to continue.

Starting Wednesday, I am going to include monthly distance as a normal graph. I encourage everyone to "Run the Month", aka run a mile for every day on the calendar. I think this produces a good general baseline of activity, and is very attainable. 

Let's look at the official results for February!


Congrats to everyone who hit the mark. As always, if you have submitted data after-the-fact, it counts! Just let me know and I'll re-upload the graph.

March: 31 Miles and 31 Days! Good luck to everyone 🙂