With 75 days left until race day, roughly half-way through our 20 week program, I thought it would be a nice time to sit down and look at how things have gone so far.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.09.57 PMHighs - I think Ellie would agree, that last weeks 10k (6.25) mile run was easily our best run of our training block. We both felt pretty good, kept up a decent pace the entire run, and didn't take a single walking break. Our goal was to go out and not walk, and we accomplished that goal.

On a normal run, we aren't afraid to walk when we need to. Usually we try to keep our walking breaks short, thirty seconds or a minute at the most. For this run, we really wanted to avoid that, keeping a more steady and consistent pace for the duration of our run in preparation for the race. I used a setting on my garmin, which is actually quite annoying until we found the pace, that notified my every time i dipped above or below a 10:15 mile. The little display would flash "Ahead of Pace" , "On Pace" or "Behind Pace" literally every ten seconds until we found our groove. Looking back, I actually really liked the feature, and I think it really helped us hit our goal.

We actually got faster in our last two miles, which was an awesome feeling. It gives me confidence that we are running stronger.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.15.28 PM

Lows - Missing a ton of our mid-week runs has been a major problem for us. We aren't consisting getting our three-day a week running minimum in, which is abysmal. Our schedules seem to be constantly packed with conflicts which has been super frustrating, so our top priority for the next ten weeks is to keep our schedules clear and focus on our half marathon goal. 

Long Run Times:

  • 7.00 miles : missed run (yesterday)
  • 6.25 miles : 1:02:28 (10 kilometer)
  • 5.00 miles: 52:39
  • 8.02 miles: 1:26:17
  • 7.00 miles : missed run
  • 6.52 miles : 1:13:00
  • 6.25 miles: 1:05:41  (10 kilometer)
  • 5.53 miles: 1:01:00
  • 5.00 miles: 55:00