This weekend Ellie and I traversed Canada and visited Adrienne in Ann Arbor. It was mucho fun. Every time we are there they take us to new and exciting places, like the Argo Cascades, and KerryTown. It is such a fun city to explore, and the beer offerings are on point.

The Argo Cascades is a project to enhance both recreational options on the Huron River, and fix some structural issues with a dam on the river. It allows for boaters to float down the river and skirt the dam which previously blocked traffic and forced the need to portage. With a beautiful bike/walking path alongside the water, we took the dogs on a mile and a half (give or take) walk. Penny choose to jump in the water (though mostly from Jeff's encouragement), and quickly realized that the water was barely above freezing. It was awesome to get out into the fresh air and let the dogs walk and play.

Michigan also has a pretty awesome beer scene. In Ann Arbor alone, they have numerous beer bars including Grizzly Peaks, Jolly Pumpkin, and Arbor Brewing Company. All of which are pretty fantastic. We went to Arbor Brewing on Saturday for dinner and the food was great, and the beer was awesome. Ellie and I did an expanded flight to include all of their offerings, which didn't disappoint. I mysteriously ended up with all of the darker varieties, while Ellie enjoyed the Pale Ales and IPA's in the group. No complaints as they were all good!

Overall, a very fun trip. We did skip our eight mile run much to Ellie's displeasure, but we are planning on making it up tonight. On the bright side, we did walk quite a bit around the downtown area, as it is very walkable and the weather was brisk, but manageable. Thanks to Jeff and Adrienne for hosting, and thanks to the Peace Bridge for being a very quick crossing on the way home. One out of four crossings going well isn't good, but we will take it!