Today the temperature reached 72, which made it quite lovely out. Arguably, the nicest day of the year. We choose to take it pretty easy this year for Easter, mostly because we completely didn't realize it was this weekend, but that is besides the point. We've travelled and had a ton of things going on, so it was a much-needed break weekend.

Sleeping in to nearly 11am was a nice treat. We didn't have much planned, except completing our nine-mile long run and a couple of things to bake (more on that tomorrow). We went on a leisurely walk with Audrey and met up with her boyfriend Barkley, the springer spaniel across the road.  Around four we got on our summer running clothes and went out into the sunshine. I think we were both pretty excited for the run, considering how nice it was out. That excitement was very shortly derailed, really before mile 2.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.13.52 PM

It is safe to say that we were not ready for the spring weather. Running in 70 degree weather with the sun beaming down, compared to the 40's we've been used to was pretty difficult. Though there was a nice cool breeze, it was still a pretty good shock to our system. Ellie really wasn't feeling the run at all, and it was a fight to get through the entire thing.

Our pace was slower than we are looking to do, and it was difficult for us to string together more than 6 or 7 minutes of running at a time. This was a major blow to our moods.

To compound the issue, we had it in our heads that we could stop in quick to a Tim Hortons or something for a quick bottle of water mid run, eliminating the need for me to carry water. We were not-so-shocked to see that basically everything in downtown Buffalo was closed to observe Easter, which 100% makes sense, but something we didn't plan for. By the time we were home, we were sufficiently grumpy, in need of water, and pretty over our run.

I know we can't win them all, but this one was pretty bruising to our confidence.