What a difference seven days makes. Last week I talked about how much we struggled with the beautiful weather, and warm sun during our long run. We ran/walk 9 hard miles and really struggled the entire time. To completely contrast our experience, seven days later and a 41 degree difference, our 10 mile went very very smooth. The most difficult part of the run was keeping the giant snow flakes out of our eyes.

Though we took our ten-mile run at a slightly slower pace, we consistently ran the entire time with only a short stop at a Starbucks to buy a bottle of water. We essentially ran the entire run, which was our top priority.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.08.59 AMOverall, it was a significant confidence booster, which was needed after last weeks disaster. I know training for big races is filled with highs and lows, and some days things just don't go your way . . . but it is really nice when things fall into place. Even if it means that there is a winter storm advisory on April 3rd.

Looking ahead to our 11 mile, 12 mile, and eventual race, I know we need to get acclimated to running in a slightly warmer setting. It is unlikely that it will be snowing on race day. Getting out into the sun will have to be our top priority, as much as we enjoy our late night cooler runs.