For Christmas, I impulse purchased dance lessons for Ellie at Fred Astaire dance studio. Dancing is something Ellie has always been interested in, and something I have always been very not interested in. Weddings, for instance, are always a source of displeasure, as my shorty always wants to burn up the dance floor, while I'd rather sit at the table and drink whatever the bride and groom have deemed free. When I saw the Groupon, I took the plunge knowing that it was going to get me out of my comfort zone.

For our own wedding we wanted to do a structured dance. We went on youtube and learned a basic Fox Trot at midnight outside of our old apartment. It totally got the job done, though to say we mastered it would be a stretch.

CHART_TangoOur first lesson at Fred Astaire was with an awesome instructor named Rachel, she was able to remove any of my reservations and made it fun from the first step. She started us with the Fox Trot. After the first few steps our youtube lesson came back in force and we quickly moved through all of the major steps. I didn't trip on myself, it was great. We quickly demonstrated our proficiency, and proceeded into the Rumba, and Basics of Swing. During our second lesson last night, we reviewed what we knew, and picked up the Waltz and the basics of Tango. P.S - Tango is intense. 

I  have to admit, I don't hate it. In fact, it is kind of a lot of fun.  Ellie has a habit of breaking out into the biggest grin upon a successful turn, or when we start hitting the rhythm properly. It makes her happy, and I know it is totally worth every penny for the 14 lessons we signed up for beyond our Groupon.

I would highly recommend Fred Astaire out on Sheridan Ave in Amherst, so far it has been a blast.