Saturday marked a month before race day. We enjoyed a week off (much to our trainers displeasure), but were back on it with a ten-mile run. Ellie was feeling under-the-weather unfortunately, so for the first time in a very long time we decided to split up and go solo this week. This was what I believe is the first long run I've done solo in all three of our previous half-marathon training blocks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.27.18 PMI enjoy having Ellie with me to keep me company. We don't run with music and often talk while we run, usually about when we should stop and eat our shot blocks. Because I was alone, and there was playoff hockey on, I chose to listen to the last period of the Blues vs Stars game.  I like running and listening to hockey, as it is usually pretty action packed, especially during the playoffs. It was a pretty thrilling game too, so I lucked out.

I had the bright idea to run to my pal Brindy's house. He lives exactly 5 miles away, so I warned him ahead of time that he would be supplying me some water mid run. A few blocks away I sent out a text and voila, a bottle of water was in my hand to continue on my way. Worlds most okayest friend ever. 

Apparently the weather and my body were in sync for this run, as I set my fastest 10 mile run time ever. I wasn't really sore going out, and although my IT band did give me some unfortunate pain towards the 9th and 10th miles, I was able to finish out  the run without too much trouble. I don't know if I would have been able to sustain the pace for another 5k, but it might have been close.

Overall it was a good run for me. I felt good and it was a success. Even still, I enjoy running with Ellie way more than going by myself. For me, those hour to two-hour during long runs are quality time spent with each other with no outside distraction other than our aching muscles and respiratory distresses.