This past weekend, Mike, Suz, Ellie and I (and many friends!) took part in the Buffalo Half Marathon. As shown in the video post earlier this week, Mike and Suz ninja trained and surprised us, which was absolutely awesome. Unfortunately, and not so awesomely, the weather really didn't cooperate for us. It was brutally humid and pretty hot out, which is impressive considering the 6:30am start time.

The good news is that we didn't quit. Suz and Mike both ran very good races, and we survived! The bad news for us at least, was that we were far from our goal time. Though we didn't hit our mark, I think it motivated me more to keep training and have another go with hopefully more cooperative weather. We finished the race in 2 hours and 24 minutes . . . which is our slowest half marathon time to date. That being said, it was also the hottest, so i'll put an asterix next to our time 🙂

This was the first race that I felt relatively comfortable (despite the temperature) during the whole race. I've had IT-band issues while running most long runs, and I didn't have much discomfort until about mile 12. This was a much later onset than usual, which hopefully means the preventive work and brutal foam roll session before race day was worth it. I seem to have also gotten over the wall that i typically hit towards the end of races, which I attribute to my probably-over-consumption of Stinger Fruit-Chews during the race. Hey, whatever works!