Sorry for the lengthy absence! We had quite a few friends in town since last week, so I was very much not on my compute. Instead, we were out enjoying the awesome weather and making fun of Brindy.

I thought I would do a quick update on my 8-week weight loss goal of 179.2lbs by July 14th. I had some string of successes, paired with an awesome coming home party for my cousin Mike who was studying abroad for a year. Add that party, and a long weekend full of games and terrible food choices with my friends, I'm amazed I didn't complete wreck everything!


After Mikey's party, I decided to update my goal line. I needed a new projection on where I would need to be each week, which now gives me an upper and lower range to stick within each week. Fortunately I was able to work off most of that party, and depending on how this Saturday's weigh in goes, I should be within striking range of my goal If I can keep it up.

As of this morning, I weighed-in at 193.5lbs, which would be 6.5 pounds in four weeks. Though a little behind my goal, I am happy with my progress so far.

The other major thing that i'm happy about is how I've been going about it. I've upped my exercise, and really focused on eating healthier in general. I've tried to cut out my morning stop at Tim Hortons, and the extra beer in the evening. We did waiver a little bit this past week with everything going on, but last night we loaded up with healthy options at Wegmans, and are set to make a push for the last four weeks.

With any luck, I'll hit the goal, but if I do come up short, I'm still pretty happy with my progress so far!