Welp! Life changes strike again! Somewhere between mid-May and mid-July Jeff and I moved to Baltimore. We packed up our pretty small apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and put our pretty small dog into the car and drove back to the East Coast. Our time in Michigan wrapped up as Jeff received his masters degree from the University of Michigan and now we're starting a new chapter in our life, in Charm City. 

We are just starting to explore our new city and region. As Jon continues to share stories from the harbor of Lake Erie, I'm excited to start sharing stories from the Chesapeake Bay. 2 Fat Nerds - Harbor to Harbor! 


I think Baltimore will prove to be a good move, fitness-wise at least. This city is hilly! I've been getting out on mid-day walks with Penny and every time we turn the corner, it seems we are walking uphill again. We are in a great area in Mt. Vernon, which is just north of the main downtown area. From Baltimore's Inner-Harbor outward to most neighborhoods, you will find yourself on a steady upward climb. Great for the glutes! 

Tune in for more on everything Baltimore has to offer, which is probably more than crabs, old bay, and natty-boh.