Hello! I didn't publicize it too much, but Ellie and I were actually on vacation for the past couple of weeks in Europe! I have a little thing against publishing to the internet when my home will be empty for long periods of time, so I apologize for the black-out! 

img_4729 Over the last two weeks, we went to Germany, Austria, Leichtenstein and Switzerland! Ellie's dad retired not too long ago, and had wanted to go on a bit of a tour. His family history is rooted in Germany and various other parts of Europe, so we went and tried to see as much of the country as possible.

In Austria, Ellie and I went up the Hafelekarspitze Mountain, part of the Innsbruck Nordkette. Up to the summit is 2,269 Meters, or roughly 7,450 feet. Going up was the easy part. The had a lovely train and subsequent gondola rides to almost the top, with only a twenty minute hike to the summit. Not bad! Going down however, we choose to hike. 


Going down was quite amusing. We saw mountain bikers both coming up and down the mountain, some looking quite exhausted while others clearly having a blast riding down. We saw many people with fancy ski polls and full hiking gear, which was a clear contrast to our sneakers shorts and half a water bottle to split between the two of us. At first we thought we might be clearly unprepared, but we were fine. 


The view was absolutely gorgeous though, and the trail gave us many opportunities to view the city below. My garmin did a noble job of tracking us for quite a while before I shut it down, so our full route down was a bit longer, but you get the idea of the terrain we were dealing with. 


It was an absolute blast, and for me one of the top highlights of the trip!