Wow, this milestone certainly snuck up on me. Five years ago today Dollard and I decided to document our transition to a healthier life style. After four major iterations of the main blog, and countless revisions to the tracking system, I can honestly say I am flabbergasted that we are still here at all. Most blogs run their courses within a few months, some may make it to a year . . . but five?

Honestly, I am a little bit ashamed to celebrate, given my recent inactivity in posting, and submitting to my own system. I think most of my friends and family know that it's been very difficult to find time to post, talk about fitness, and stay motivated after long (seems like everyday) days at work, but a handful of you are still diligently submitting and keeping track, and for that I want to thank you. You all motivate me to want to try harder and get back into the routine.

I don't have any major plans for year five of the blog. Instead, I think I want to slow down and really go back to why the blog was founded in the first place. Accountability. I need to hold myself accountable for my health and for my work ethic.I need to work towards being happy with where I am. I want to focus on the positives in life, in what seems like the ever-growing negative landscape we live in. This past year I lost my ambition, and although I made a push to lose weight in the spring, I've gone dormant and grown stagnant. 

For a while now, I have felt like I want to take more control over my daily life, and stop just going through the motions. Yeah I work out a few days a week, but I am not giving it my all. That needs to change.

Year five is going to be all about making a real effort, and being accountable when I come up short. No more boxes of donuts at work (maybe occasionally Paula's), no more sleeping in until the last second making morning harder than they have to be, and no more half-assing training sessions. 

But please, hold me accountable, give me a hard time, and join me in getting back on track.