Ellie and I have been doing back-to-back training sessions recently to make scheduling easier, which means we are both at the gym at the same time. This has made it more fun, because we are usually bantering back and forth while we pick things up and put them down.

Yesterday I went first, so afterward I was able to screw around on my phone during her session. I love slow-mo video, so I used the opportunity to capture Ellie making gainz. She has gotten noticeably stronger in her arms, shoulder and back, and it is super cool to see her muscles fire when lifting.

For me, it is sometimes difficult to feel like progress is being made. Sure the weight is slowly going up, but unlike running where each and every run is quantifiable (distance, speed, etc), weight training has been a little more difficult to see progress. I think seeing this video makes it much more obvious that real progress has been made.

Keep it up Ellie!