Upon arriving at the gym yesterday I was notified that I would be testing my one-rep bench press max. This was actually kind of exciting for me, because I have felt the weight going up recently. The unofficial goal over the next few month is to increase my bench up to around 200 lbs, which I feel would be a respectable number for someone mostly focused on lower-body sports.

1-rep-max-calculatorMy previous one rep max was 120lbs. Not exactly the most impressive number for a 28-year-old male weighing in at ~195. I have felt pretty embarrassed by my lack of upper body strength. So, after working on it the past few months, I am happy to report progress. Yesterday I hit 135! A 15 pound increase to my one rep max felt pretty good. Coming off of being sick a full week probably didn't help me at all, but I am pretty happy with the increase.


I'm excited to keep working on it and getting stronger. I'm also excited for a couple of challenges Carley put into place for us during the holiday months, which I'll be sharing with you in the next week or so.

Happy Monday!