120311091319Five years ago today, Ellie and I ran our first official 5k road race. We did a very small local run sponsored by Medaille College. Ellie had run for years prior to this on and off, while I had really just started to do so to get in shape with the blog. Both of us were incredibly nervous about racing, not knowing quite what to expect. It turned out well, and was a precursor for many races to come.

One concept that I often think about when I reflect on our running "career" is, are we really runners? What does that really even mean? This morning after our gym session with Carley, we stopped for a coffee and I found myself explaining that while we lift with Carley, we are still primarily runners. I know it was just small talk, but while driving home I had an internal debate with myself whether that was really a true statement. We haven't really run since the Buffalo half-marathon in May, aside from a few runs here and there. Instead, we have been A.) largely lazy and B.) mainly lifting weights a couple of days a week. That doesn't make us very good runners . . .

Ellie and I were discussing the current fitness and health rut we are in. She pointed out that I do the best when challenged by an event, like a half marathon or the Bike MS race. Really, it has to be something that I need to work toward or will really struggle. For whatever reason, lifting weights doesn't motivate me enough to keep my diet in control, while endurance events seems to. One of the best ways I can deal with stress is to run outside. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weights . . . none of it has the same effect as running outside. It might be odd to say, but I think I genuinely like running, and I really thrive when I am running regularly.

Moving forward, I want the next five years to be more consistent than the last five, and really become the runner that I want to be. I've heard that you don't really hit your peak in endurance events until your about 30 to 35 years old . . . which means I'm going into my prime!

We have set our sights on our first goal for 2017. Yellowstone.