Like the great comedian Tammy Pescatelli says, "You gotta find the funny"

Last night Ellie and I made use of our Catalyst Fitness membership and got in some much-needed cardio. I've been struggling to get back onto the treadmill / running in general for a while now. I start out alright, but after about ten minutes my ankle has been flaring up / my Achilles feels awful, despite working on strengthening and stabilizing my ankle muscles through PT for a few months now. It has come a long way from where it was, but the lingering pain and soreness seems to be never-ending.

Despite that, I was pretty encouraged yesterday. I did a ten minute warm-up followed by a ten minute 5.3mph (11ish minute mile) pace, followed by a ten minute walking cool down. I can't say it wasn't completely pain-free, but it felt a little bit better than my first run back on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago. I think the low and slow plan to full recovery seems to be at least plausible.

As I was running yesterday, I started to smile to myself a little bit. Here I was, five months removed from a 100+ kilometer bike ride, struggling to complete a 10 minute jog. At first glance, that is very not funny. But you know what? It kind of is. The more I think about it, it is kind of hilarious. No matter how good of shape you get, the idea of it unravelling the second your consistency and effort drop is kind of amusing. Not funny, "HA HA", but funny like . . . "lol srsly?"

My run yesterday made me smile because it brought me right back to years ago, when I was just setting into the whole running thing. I was/am completely frustrated, scraping rock bottom, and ready for change. The realization of where I really was made me smile, because at least now I know where I am. I also know that I am ready to get it going. I don't feel sorry for myself anymore. I have finally found the funny in being right back at the start.