February is the shortest month, which hypothetically means it gives me the best opportunity to string together a single month of concerted effort towards my goals. 28 Days of eating healthy, focusing on my fitness, and actually putting forth the effort required to make substantive changes to my life.

I often talk about fitness, dieting and exercise at work, most likely at the fatigue of all of my coworkers. So much so, that when I talked about by 28 days of focus in February, they were more than happy to craft a list of five foods that I am banned from consuming. In fact, it took the all of two minutes to put together a list of my cryptonites, narrow down the list, and lock in what I cannot eat. 

They quickly eliminated bagels, which seems like an obvious choice, but they also got rid of pizza, subs, alcohol and desserts. I call foul on eliminating the entire class of food "desserts" but . . . whatever.

Armed with a banned food list, and motivation to get it done, 28 days from now I hope to be significantly lighter than the 202 mark, with some new good habits formed.