On February 1st, I set a goal to eat clean for 28 days. With a list of banned foods courtesy of my buddies at work, and a lesson in public fat shaming from our trainer Carley, I was sufficiently armed with more motivation than I have had in an awfully long time.

And the good news? The results from the first weigh-in were good, and I am on track for my second in a couple of days. I started on February 1st at 204 pounds, so within the first week of healthy eating, a four pound loss was great to see.

We've been hitting the gym for cardio a lot more frequently, and i've all but stopped my protests when Ellie says we are going. It's a way of life I suppose. At least that is what she tells me.

The goal for Wednesday the 15th is 198.2 pounds, or another two pounds from the previous week. Hopefully I should be on track, despite a little bit of cheating this weekend. We went to a party for one of Ellie's co-workers, and there was beer and sabres on. . . what do you expect? Aside from that minor lapse, I can honestly say I've been working hard on my diet, and I haven't closet-ate bagels in the car.

Thanks for all the support, it really has made a huge difference.