Sorry for the delay in following up on my February progress. I think my silence probably tips most of you off to the fact that I did not do a great job of achieving my February goals.

I did a really great job of focusing for the first 14 days of February. That was exactly half the month. After my second great weigh-in, I fell apart. A couple of social engagements mid-month were enough to completely derail my focus, and I didn't get back on track. I did lose a few pounds in the month, but it was nowhere near as productive as I was looking to do.

But, I can regroup! As this summer's race season approaches, Ellie and I (and family) are looking to be a bit more active. We've set our sights on a couple of endurance events that will force me to put forth more consistent effort, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

To assist with this, I set up a google-doc that will track my daily schedule. I will maintain and update the workouts that I hit and miss on, in an effort to be more accountable. Keep up hassling me, I appreciate the help!

Google Doc!