Because we weren't satisfied with the amount of traveling this past month, Ellie and I headed across the great state of New York again. This time it was a more happy, and planned occasion, in which we cashed in on a Christmas present given to my mom. Paint Night! 

This worked out perfectly, because while the Bard ladies painted, my dad and I got to hit up the slopes at Jiminy Peak. For me it was the first time out in a couple of years, and it didn't take long to shake out the cobwebs. Although we didn't have great weather, it was still a blast.

Sometimes it is nice to get away for a weekend of fun activities, with nothing super crazy going on or official events. A low-key, fun weekend that let us sleep in late, take the dog for a long walk, have a Italian dinner out, visit a friend's brewery grand-opening, and just generally hang out, was just what we needed.

Looking at the Calendar, we are now about twelve weeks out from our first major event, and I we have a ton of work to do. I think the weekend helped prepare us mentally for the upcoming grind that is Triathlon and Boilermaker training.