Last night, after leg day with Carley, Ellie and I made the effort to run outside for the first time since we moved to our house in July. We have run since then, but not around our actual neighborhood.

It obviously felt awful physically, both from a cardio standpoint and a leg-soreness standpoint, but we did it! Twenty minutes at a steady ten and a half-minute per mile pace. Not too bad. We did take it easy and didn't push the distance or time, as I am still dealing with my ankle problem (which I re-aggravated last week), but we did it! We were so out-of-practice that both of our running watches were dead, so no GPS track, but on the bright side, we did find them buried in our belongings and are now fully charged.

What was amazing to me is that after just twenty minutes of running I think we both felt tremendously better from a mental standpoint. It was a release of energy that I think we both needed. Ellie said this morning that she slept better than the past several nights, and I bet it is in large part due to the exercise.

We also realized that our street, and many of the surrounding residential streets around our house do not have street lights. As someone who is coming back from an ankle injury, that is less than ideal, but we made it work by using the flashlight on my phone.

I think we are both excited to finally be moving forward, like, physically moving forward. So much so that we may be also be running a race this weekend to fully assess our 5k Race Shape. Also, who doesn't want to Support Dolphins?