All day on Friday I was feeling pretty restless, and I knew that I wanted to get out and go for a run. Work has been incredibly, incredibly slow for the past couple of weeks, and I think sitting around and doing busy work has left me feeling a little blah. Unfortunately Ellie wasn't feeling great, so I set out alone into what was a significantly colder wind than I was expecting.

We've been listening to podcasts while driving back and forth across the state recently. Completely sick of Buffalo sports radio (our teams are horrific, except our Women's hockey team!), and news radio filled with depressing stories of poverty, violence and war, we've turned to podcasts for a more positive driving experience. One of our favorites is Gastropod, which looks at food, the history and science of food, and other fun facts about food. For my first 5k run,  I selected a recent show about Chocolate, because obviously that makes sense when trying to get in shape. I've been in a music rut recently, so the podcast worked out pretty well.

The 5k went fairly well. It was the longest duration and distance I've done since September (prior to screwing up my ankle pretty good). There is lingering soreness and I am absolutely not 100%, but good enough to start building up my strength and running endurance. It turns out that our neighborhood is a little on the boring side, though it is fairly runner friendly with plenty of quiet side-streets and well maintained sidewalks. It was easy to map out a 5k loop without crossing any major streets. I do have to say though, we were seriously spoiled being so close to Delaware Park for so many years. Nothing compares to running in the parkways.

I do have a significant amount of work today before June if I want to seriously compete or even complete a triathlon, and even more work to do before the Boilermaker. It was nice to know though that I can still run a 5k in a some-what respectable time.