Howdy! Over the weekend, really good family friends of ours officially tied the knot! Jeff and Victoria had an absolutely beautiful wedding, with an insanely good/large amount of food, and an energy packed dance floor. It was an absolute blast, and I think I can safely say for everyone in the Bard family, we all had an awesome time. Congrats you two on a beautiful wedding and the beautiful marriage of two fantastic people.

Bards roll deep! #CheersTheSneers

We also took advantage of the weekend and the Wedding's proximity to Manhattan for a much needed extended weekend and day off from work. We saw the musical Waitress with Sara Bareillis, which was probably the best musical I've ever seen. The cast was tight, and my family's affinity for S.B is probably too much.

We weren't completely lazy though! On Monday we took advantage of a gorgeous spring day to walk the entire length of the NYC High Line, which is a pedestrian only, elevated walkway through downtown Manhattan. It is built on an old elevated trolly line, with beautifully done landscaping and just a general peaceful atmosphere in the heart of the busiest city in the world.

At a little over 2.5 miles, it was the perfect thing to do right before getting back in the car for the 7+ hour drive home to Buffalo. It is amazing how refreshing a day off is, and a fun, family filled weekend. It makes me appreciate everything that we have, and how much I enjoy spending time with everyone in our lives. I am looking forward to the next family wedding in August!