This is the first post of what will be a daily recap of all 50 runs on the way to the 2017 Boilermaker. It is going to be a short post format with just notes that we can review. Enjoy!

Ellie and I set out tonight despite rather difficult weather, a literal Tornado Watch. Can't miss the first run!

Actual/Goal : 3.0mi/3.0mi
Notes: The route we choose was more a four-mile loop, so we got caught walking back a little bit further than we expected. Despite the rain, we were feeling alright considering this was the first run out. Definitely a little lethargic and feeling the extra flub. We had Spanish style rice for dinner which, though delicious, came up a bit, so maybe we will wait a little longer before we run on that!

Overall, pretty good first run for this training block, but we have a serious amount of work to do.